Telematics devices

Benefits of Telematics

Having installed and registered telematics devices in your vehicles is crucial for maximising your Zego insurance benefits. For BBI customers your fleet must have a telematics device installed and registered in at least 80% of all covered vehicles for the duration of your policy to qualify for your 15% renewal rebate savings.

✅ When you add a new vehicle to policy, you have a 30-day grace window to install a telematics device. After this time any vehicle on policy without an associated device will count against your telematics coverage percentage.

More generally, having installed and registered devices in all your vehicles will give you more accurate risk scores and other fleet performance metrics. This includes insights into risk factors, trip data, and other risk management tools. The more registered, installed devices the better you can manage your fleet and take preventive actions.

Ordering, Installing and Registering Devices

In the 'Telematics' section of the Portal, you can find instruction on how to order, install and register new devices from your Telematics Service Provider. You can also see a breakdown of how many vehicles have installed and registered devices. Access to the telematics FAQ is also available here.

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