Telematics Section

You can view a summary of your fleet's telematics coverage and health in the fleet overview section, and also manage your devices on the ABAX activation page. 🎉

Healthy ABAX devices means your fleet's risk score is more accurate and a better indication of your fleet's performance. The more vehicles covered by ABAX, the more data is available to calculate an accurate risk score. This data also aids in providing harsh events insights, trip details, and other risk-management tools available in the portal. 

Access ABAX activation guide

Click on the "manage device" button to view the ABAX activation page. On this page, you can view the number of devices sent, number of devices registered, and the installation rate. If you need to order more devices, you can do this through the order form button. You can also access installation and registration guides to help you manage your devices.

How do I access the telematics section?

Access the telematics summary through the fleet overview section

Click on manage devices to view ABAX activation guide

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