Risk Management value for fleets

Improving driver behaviour can lead to fewer incidents on the road ensuring your drivers are as safe as possible at all times. This should reduce accident costs due to the severity of the impact being lighter and also aim to reduce the frequency. The key to effective risk management with drivers is to constantly communicate and educate them from the behavioural data received. Embedding driver safety into your company culture shows new drivers your approach and values. This enables you to take control of your road risk management and steer it in the right direction.

We have risk management experts with all the necessary aids to assist you on this journey. Our aim is to work with you closely to ensure that your risks are mitigated and your fleet is performing to a good standard enabling us to work on reducing your premiums. 

What are the benefits for you?

Safer drivers leads to a number of benefits:

  • Prevention of incidents by up to 20%
  • Less impact when involved in a collision
  • Less chance of a severe fatality
  • Eco-Friendly drives - reduces Co2 Emissions
  • Savings in fuel usage and tyre changes
  • Reduced risk to others and self
  • Full workforce with less days lost to injuries
  • Less Drive care complaints
  • Less Speeding prosecutions from the police
  • Reduced downtime of vehicles as a result of an incident
  • Drives down Insurance premiums by up to 20% within the first year
  • Reviewing your policy mid-term to provide a better rate based on your risk practises/behavioural data
  • The ability to be part of our rebate/profit share scheme
  • Assists with the recovery potential stolen vehicles
  • Reduces the likelihood of any legal cases for corporate manslaughter


The fleet needs to have a minimum ABAX registration of 80% for entry, however in order to increase this and create a dual outcome, we can work with fleets who sit at 60%.

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