Behaviour-based Insurance (BBI)

BBI is as simple as it sounds — the safer you drive, the less you pay.

You can now unlock savings of up to 15% on renewal. And the best bit? You don’t have to wait until you renew to see how much you will save.

With our smart BBI feature within the Fleet Portal, you get full visibility of how you're tracking against the rebate. Your savings are updated regularly, so you’re able to make changes where needed to maximise your savings.

We believe fleets should be rewarded when they drive safely and abide by strong risk management practices. That’s why the Fleet Portal gives you the tools and insights you need to control your fleet’s performance. The better your fleet’s risk profile, the more your savings grow.

How does behaviour-based insurance work?

Your 15% BBI renewal rebate is based on 3 factors, but you need registered telematics devices on 80% of your vehicles for the lifetime of your policy to access these savings.

  1. Fleet score (up to 5.5%)

Your fleet’s risk score gives you a quick snapshot of your risk profile. It’s calculated using the data collected by your telematics provider. This data takes into account harsh driving events that happen within your fleet — things like fast cornering, heavy braking and speeding.

Reducing the number of harsh events helps to improve your risk score. And in the process you’ll help to reduce the number of accidents and claims within your fleet. You can earn up to 5.5% renewal rebate in this area.

  1. Claims reporting time (up to 2%)

When it comes to claims, reporting accidents as soon as they happen makes a big difference to the cost. If your average reporting time is less than 24 hours you could save 2% at renewal.

  1. Loss ratio (up to 7.5%)

Your fleet’s loss ratio is a huge contributor to your insurance costs. Loss ratio is calculated by dividing claims costs by your premium costs. Fewer accidents means fewer claims, which also means a lower loss ratio.

In the Fleet Portal, features such as the risk score, harsh events on a map, and risk categories can help you reduce the chances of accidents and claims, driving down your loss ratio in the process. If you can keep your loss ratio below 30%, you could unlock a 7.5% rebate at renewal.

How do I unlock these savings?

To qualify for these savings, your fleet must have a telematics device installed and registered in at least 80% of all covered vehicles for the duration of your policy. We call this your telematics adoption rate.

When you add a new vehicle to your policy, you have a 30-day window to install a telematics device. After this time any vehicle on policy without an associated device will count against your telematics coverage percentage.

Tips to maximise your savings with behaviour-based insurance

Equip your vehicles with Telematics devices

To qualify for these savings, your fleet must have a telematics device installed and registered in at least 80% of all covered vehicles for the duration of your policy.

Have regular conversations with your drivers

Use the data in the Portal to have regular conversations with your drivers to help them improve their scores. Remember, fewer harsh events means safer drivers and a bigger rebate.

Use the Risk Management pages to find data to discuss with your drivers.

Report claims early

Aim to report claims within 24 hours. Claims reported on time are more precise, and aren’t subject to inflation prices or aggravated damages.

We provide information in the Fleet Portal to help you submit claims quickly. Report claims early and you’ll unlock savings on your insurance.

Use risk categories, risk scores and the vehicle leaderboard

Use the risk category and vehicle risk score to identify low-performing drivers and guide them towards better driving practices. You can also reward drivers in the Platinum and low-risk categories, encouraging them to keep driving safely.

The more drivers you have in low-risk categories, the better your risk score will be. And that means more savings when you renew.

Reduce speeding events

Speeding can increase the chances of an accident occurring. And when accidents do happen, your loss ratio goes up too.

Using tips and insights in the Fleet Portal, you can help your drivers to drive safely and reduce speeding events. By introducing safe-driving measures, you can reduce the number of accidents, drive down your loss ratio, and help to save more on your insurance.

Start saving with behaviour-based insurance

Insurance doesn’t have to be confusing and unpredictable. It should be transparent and easy to understand, with tools and data available to help optimise your costs.

Our behaviour-based insurance can help you save more money, and give you full control over your fleet’s performance.

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