Risky Areas

An exciting new feature has been added to the portal, to further give you control over your fleet's risk-management performance - The Risky Areas feature! 🎉

Ever wondered how to pinpoint and avoid risky areas on regular routes? This feature allows you to view the harsh events of your fleet over the last 7 days, on a map. You can access trip details, and identify areas carrying the most risk, providing you with data to guide your drivers in practising safer behaviours when approaching risky areas. 

Zoom in to pinpoint risky roads

The map is very detailed, allowing you to zoom in to pinpoint junctions, roundabouts and roads that have high occurrences of harsh events. To get a more in-depth look, you can click on each harsh event and see the actions that contributed to it e.g. a harsh right corner at chestnut road at 2:36 PM.

View trip details

You can also view the vehicle responsible, the trip details, and use the harsh events tab in the vehicles section to view data for this vehicle alone. Switch over to the risk-score tab to access expert tips to guide your conversations with high-risk drivers operating vehicles with high frequency of harsh events.

Identify trends 

If you notice an alarming trend in harsh events on a specific road for many of your vehicles, you can guide drivers to avoid these dangerous areas if possible, and protect them from severe accidents, thereby lowering the chances of claims.

How do I find this feature?

Click on the risk-management section

Click on the risky areas tab

Zoom in on each harsh event to view trip details

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