Risk Management in the Portal

Safety is at the heart of everything that we do at Zego. Our Risk Management tools within the Portal can help you understand your risk, identify your best and worst drivers and ultimately help your fleet operate more safely. See below for a deep dive into each of the Risk management tools/pages we offer.

Risk overview

The Risk Overview page serves as a centralised hub, offering a bird's-eye perspective on all crucial risk insights related to your fleet operations. Here you can track your Fleet's Safety Score over time to identify trends in performance, see your best and worst performing vehicles and identify your riskiest trips and see your most severe harsh events. From this page, you can navigate to other pages within Risk Management to deep dive into particular data points.

Use the date picker to select a custom time frame to analyse your score and be sure to share these insights with your drivers to give them an indication of the overall risk performance of the Fleet.

Fleet score

The Fleet Score gives you a trended view of your Fleet's risk score over time. Here you can see how your overall Fleet is performing on average and understand if you are improving or getting worse. The higher the score, the safer your Fleet and the lower your chances of a claim are.

Best and worst performing vehicles & Riskiest trips & Harshest speeding events

At the bottom of the Risk Overview page, you can find:

  1. Performance Rankings: Quickly identify your best and worst performing vehicles based on their risk score
  2. Riskiest Trips: Get instant visibility into trips with the most severe risk factors, allowing for remedial action with the drivers
  3. Harshest Speeding Events: Monitor and address severe speeding incidents to enhance overall safety standards. Have conversations with drivers who are responsible for the worst speeding events

Praise the drivers in the 'best performing vehicles' section and have constructive conversations with those in the 'worst performing vehicles' section in order to bring their performance up.

Risk Analysis

Vehicle risk

The Vehicle Risk Leaderboard let's you see a full ranking of your worst to best performing vehicles, along with an indication of the 'Issues to Address' - across braking, cornering and speeding - for each vehicle.

You can also click 'View Analysis' deep dive into an individual vehicle report to see an in depth look at the performance of a particular vehicle.

Risky Trips

The Risky Trips section highlights medium and high-risk journeys, focusing on critical safety incidents. Here's what you'll discover:

  1. Medium and High-Risk Trips: Easily pinpoint trips with heightened risk factors for detailed analysis.
  2. Harsh Events Breakdown: Dive into each trip for an in-depth view of specific harsh events and their details, enabling precise corrective actions.

You can click into each trip to see the trip on a map with harsh events plotted and details of each event specified.

Weekly Performance

The Week-on-Week Performance Trends page provides a comprehensive view of each vehicle's risk score over the past four weeks. Here's what you'll find:

  1. Performance Comparison: Track the evolution of risk metrics over the last four weeks, allowing for insights into improvement or potential areas of concern.
  2. Trend Analysis: Identify patterns in risk levels to make informed decisions about safety initiatives and interventions.

Harsh events

The Harsh Events Log is a detailed record of every individual harsh event within your fleet. Here's what you'll uncover:

  1. Comprehensive Event Records: Access a complete catalog of all harsh events, including timestamps, locations, and specific event details.
  2. Event Context: Gain insights into the circumstances surrounding each event, providing valuable context for analysis.
  3. Location Insights: Pinpoint exact locations where harsh events occurred, enabling precise intervention and route optimisation.

You can also sort these harsh events by most severe to least severe, to gain a view of the worst speeding events for a given period, for example.

Risky areas

The Risky Areas map plots all your harsh events for a given time period on a map so that you can see exactly where, when and what happened for each event. You can filter by the particular event type to zero in on specific transgressions. The Risky Areas map enables the following:

Zoom in to pinpoint risky roads

The map is very detailed, allowing you to zoom in to pinpoint junctions, roundabouts and roads that have high occurrences of harsh events. To get a more in-depth look, you can click on each harsh event and see the details e.g. a harsh right corner at chestnut road at 2:36 PM.

View trip details

You can also view the trip details for context of where and when that trip occurred. This will tell you what else happened on that trip to help explain why the harsh event occurred.

Identify trends 

If you notice an alarming trend in harsh events on a specific road for many of your vehicles, you can guide drivers to avoid these dangerous areas if possible, and protect them from severe accidents, thereby lowering the chances of claims.

Vehicle Risk Report

The Comprehensive Individual Vehicle Risk Report provides a thorough examination of a specific vehicle's safety performance. Here's what you'll discover:

  1. Risk Score Evolution: Track the vehicle's risk score over time, offering insights into its safety trends and progress.
  2. Harsh Event Impact: Understand how specific harsh events (braking, speeding, cornering) have contributed to the overall risk score.
  3. Detailed Harsh Events Breakdown: Explore in-depth details such as time spent speeding, road types where harsh events occurred, and associated speed limits.
  4. Riskiest Trips Highlight: Pinpoint the highest risk journeys, allowing for focused attention on areas requiring improvement.
  5. Harsh Events Map: Visualise the locations of harsh events, providing a geographical context for risk assessment.
  6. Customised Interventions: Tailor safety measures based on individual vehicle behavior, optimizing both safety and performance.
  7. Historical Context: Access past data for trend analysis and targeted safety initiatives, as well as driver training.
  8. Driver-Centric Insights: Leverage the report to provide personalised coaching and training, enhancing overall driver performance and safety awareness.

What our customers are saying

This all sounds great.. but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our customers who piloted these tools thought:

"Reducing cost is very important in every business and Zego understands our needs. Driver behaviour monitoring allows us to keep in touch with drivers and communicate the importance of driving safely. Accidents will always happen, but if we can reduce the risk, it is a win win".

Need help? Contact support.fleet@zego.com. We're happy to help. 🙂

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