ABAX device health - Maintaining ABAX devices

What is device health?

The health status represents an Abax device's ability to share data (mileage and behavioural) with Zego. It is important to monitor, and action fixes on any degraded or unhealthy devices to avoid paying higher premiums or miss out on rebates during the policy or at renewal.

  • A Healthy device status means the device is working and able to record and share data within the last 24 hours
  • A Degraded device status means no data has been recorded or shared for at least 2-10 days 
  • An Unhealthy device status means Zego has not received data from that device in the last 11+ days

Degraded/Unhealthy devices reasons

A device may become unhealthy for the following reasons:

  • The device has been Incorrectly installed (Installation Guide)
  • The vehicle has been turned off for a long period of time
  • The vehicle is stored underground or somewhere without GPS signal
  • The device is faulty and needs to be replaced

Troubleshooting unhealthy devices

  1. Check the device is flashing a coloured light, all cables are intact and the connections are secure, power source (vehicle battery function), fuse (located on the red cable, try removing for 1 minute) and ensure the second unit component has a clear view of the sky and is not obstructed under metal (ideal location on the dashboard.
  2. Once the above steps have been completed, check the device's health again on the ABAX portal.
  3. If the issue persists order another device using this order form

Where to monitor device health

  1. Device health can be monitored on the Zego Fleet Portal
  2. Weekly status emails from Zego
  3. ABAX portal

Premium charges before installation of ABAX

Each fleet will have 30 days from policy inception to install and register ABAX in all covered vehicles

Flat Rate/ BBI policy

For flat rated and BBI policies, an average of 80% registration of healthy devices must be maintained post to 30-day inception grace period. If registration does not meet or exceed 80% 30 days, a higher rate of premium may be charged (see policy wording).

Need help? Contact support.fleet@zego.com. We're happy to help. 🙂

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