Setting up ABAX devices

Once installed and registered, the ABAX telematics device will provide all the data that is required to power Zego’s Fleet Insurance.

The set-up is a three-stage process, all three stages must be completed

1. Order ABAX device

Devices orders are placed by customers via a form shared by Zego before policy inception. Additional devices can be ordered here.

2. Install device in vehicle

Connect the ABAX device to the vehicle’s battery

During installation note down each vehicle registration number and device serial number

You can find detailed installation guides here

3. Register device to vehicle registration

Devices can be registered in two ways :

Scan the QR code on the Fleet Portal (Dashboard > Telematics > Manage Devices) and complete the registration process.

Login to your ABAX portal page and link each device serial number with the vehicle it is registered in. (Triplog > Vehicles

If devices are installed but not registered Zego will not receive data from the device and therefore either higher premium may be charged or rebates will not be eligible.

Video: Device Registration

Premium charges before installation of ABAX

Each fleet will have 30 days from policy inception to install and register Abax in all covered vehicles. Usage based policy
 For usage based policies any vehicle without an Abax device installed and registered will be charged an estimated amount of premium during the first 30 days of cover. This is calculated using the customer's declared mileage per vehicle * flex premium cost per day. If Abax is not installed after 30 days a higher No Telematics Premium will be charged per day to cover mileage.

Flat Rate/ BBI policy

For flat rated and BBI policies an average of 80% registration of healthy devices must be maintained post the 30-day incpetipon grace period. If registration does not meet or exceed 80% after 30 days a higher rate of premium may be charged (see policy wording)

What is device health

The health status represents an Abax device's ability to share data (mileage / behavioural) with Zego. It is important to monitor and action fixes on any degraded or unhealthy devices to avoid paying higher premiums or miss out on rebates during the policy or at renewal.

Degraded/Unhealthy devices reasons

A device may become unhealthy for the following reasons:

  • A Healthy device status means the device is working and able to record and share data within the last 24 hours
  • A Degraded device status means no data has been recorded or shared for at least 2-10 days 
  • An Unhealthy device status means Zego has not received data from that device in the last 11+ days
  • The device has been incorrectly installed (Installation Guide)
  • The vehicle has been turned off for a long period of time
  • The vehicle is stored underground or somewhere without GPS signal
  • The device is faulty and needs to be replaced

Troubleshooting unhealthy devices

  1. Check the device is flashing a coloured light, all cables are intact and the connections are secure, power source (vehicle battery function), fuse (located on the red cable, try removing for 1 minute) and ensure the second unit component has a clear view of the sky and is not obstructed under metal (ideal location on the dashboard). 
  2. Once the above steps have been completed, check the device's health again in the Abax portal.
  3. Ifthe issue persists order another device from the Zego portal 

Where to monitor device health

  1. Device health can be monitored on the Zego Fleet Portal
  2. Weekly status emails from Zego
  3. ABAX portal

Impacts of unhealthy devices

Unhealthy devices are unable to share mileage or behavioural data with Zego, and as a result, could negatively impact renewal or MTA pricing. Accessing driver behavioural data allows Zego to help fleets improve their risk performance throughout their policy and ensure the fairest pricing is offered at renewal. It is therefore in the fleet's best interest to ensure all devices are healthy throughout the period of cover.

Monthly mileage collection 

Once devices are installed and registered on the ABAX portal, mileage data will be automatically sent from ABAX to Zego for monthly billing. 

Adding additional vehicles

It is possible to switch devices between on and off cover vehicles. To do so either re-register the device to the new vehicle on the ABAX portal, or notify ABAX of the change and they will make the amendment for you. This will ensure mileage data is correctly collected for on-cover vehicles. 

For further assistance with your devices please reach out to ABAX

Phone: 01733 515591

Click here to watch ABAX telematics device installation video

Need help? Contact We're happy to help. 🙂

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