Speeding events

Speeding events contribute to the overall risk score of your fleet, making the risk-score more accurate and in-tune with real-life driving situations and behaviours. 🎉

View drivers going over speed limits

With the addition of speeding events, you're able to view drivers in your fleet when they exceed speed limits. Speeding events are calculated in percentages, and are highlighted on a graph over the past 7 days. Click on each day to view the speeding events percentages for any vehicle.

Avoid severe accidents caused by speeding

Right underneath the graph, you can find insights on how to guide drivers on speeding events. These tools can aid you in having conversations with drivers who constantly exceed the speed limit, guiding them to practise safer driving behaviours thereby reducing the severity of accidents when they occur. 

How do I view speeding events?

Click on the vehicles section

Access the risk score tab through the vehicles section

Scroll down to see the speeding events graph

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