The Platinum Band

In addition to low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk vehicles, the platinum band has been added to the fleet portal to highlight exceptional vehicles with a risk score of 95 or more. 🎉

A risk score of 95 or more means the vehicle has a low frequency of harsh events, and practises safe driving behaviours, making the vehicle less likely to be involved in an accident. This contributes to the overall safety of your fleet. The more vehicles in the platinum band, the lesser the chances of claims and accidents.

How do I use the platinum band?

The platinum band sets a standard all your vehicles should aim towards, and also gives you the tools to highlight exceptional drivers and reward them. The platinum band can also be used to encourage healthy competition between your drivers, providing recognition to those with the best risk-management practices.

How do I view vehicles in the platinum band?

Through the fleet overview section - see how many of your vehicles are in the platinum band

Through the vehicle leaderboard - platinum band members are highlighted in purple

Through the risk score tab in the vehicles section - see risk score category for each day

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