Harsh events insights

Our team of risk-management experts have curated some tips and insights to help guide your drivers towards safer driving behaviours. 🎉

How does it work?

For each harsh event - Braking, cornering and speeding, a daily score is calculated based on the frequency of the event per 100 km. This data allows you to identify trends in harmful driving behaviours, and pinpoint areas needing improvement. 

But wait, there's more...

Right underneath this data, we now have a section in the portal - How can my drivers improve? It gives a breakdown of how harsh events can occur, and the steps to take to prevent them. Using these insights will help you to have data-driven and productive conversations with drivers who might be struggling with harsh events. You can add these tips to your regular driver training or save them for one-off conversations to guide your drivers towards better risk-management practices. 

Less harsh events mean a better risk score, and a better risk score means your fleet has lower chances of accidents and claims, saving you money on your insurance premium.

How do I access this feature?

Click on the vehicle section

Choose a vehicle you'd like to view

Click on the risk score tab

Let's use braking as an example, you'll find a graph that shows daily scores for braking events over the past 7 days, and a section titled "How can my drivers improve."

Click on this section and access tips and insights

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